what did we do without twitter, the t’internet and blog land? Well yes, we probably read, chatted and looked around more. But we’d be more local than national or international and we’d be less able to shout out when we hear of unacceptable behaviour being passed off as legitimate. Like this Mammasaurus is way moreContinue reading “House?”

Choose-day – Twitterific

After yesterday’s trials and tribulations today’s Choice was pretty easy – give myself a little ‘Me’ time. Well, I’m working today so that could prove difficult. And then I remembered that old-fashioned notion of the Lunch Hour. Remember them? Reader, I took it! Lovely, lovely Twitter proved perfect for finding a place to go (megaContinue reading “Choose-day – Twitterific”

Wireless wonderland

Note: i wrote this during the week but never uploaded it…i have only just found it, but what the heck. I was going to bemoan the fact that I’m back on the train to the office again but then I thought, no Stitch, Choose Life, remember? So instead today’s post is about my recent wanderingsContinue reading “Wireless wonderland”