50 not out


Busy weekend at Stitch Towers. Again. I am no longer an employee so I can’t wow you with my stunning commuter shots or my train related nonsense. So busy weekends are somewhat of a godsend, material wise.

I spent a large chunk celebrating a good friend’s 50th. Here he is, kilted up and pogo-ing. Which can be a hazardous combo. And draughty.

I’m entering a new stage in life and while it’s stressy, it’s ultimately the kind of stress I thrive on. I talked business a lot last night and had a wonderful time, finding out others’ dreams and plans. All that ambition and fervour just waiting to be unleashed.

Redundancy is a bit like a forest fire. It rushes around you and threatens your bubble but it can also bring in its wake the space we all need to start again.

I like change. I always have. And I like space. Sorted.


2 responses to “50 not out”

  1. Liberating and refreshing, style un-cramped I feel 😀


  2. Space is good! Hope you can juggle all the bits together to achieve perfect balance in your new life.


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