The rise of little voice

So, I’ll do the next slot….Finding Your Own Voice….let’s go!

Kate the editor kicks off with some loveliness. This is a surreal experience, sitting in a room, surrounded by screens, hash tags and brain power. You can sign up for 2013 if you’ve missed this year.

A lipstick red sofa wraps round the speakers, Zoe Williams, Zoe stripe, Rachel cusk (swoon), the bloggess (in her Texan PJs, no Stetson sadly) all chaired by Gaby Wood.

It’s bit like one of those late night discussion shows. My grey cells need to kick in to appreciate it. But good insights into tailoring to your audience, intellectual capabilities and inner voice.

I think I love The Bloggess. She has dolls on her shelf, lots of books, an easy smile and good banter. Her views are, to me, more immediately relevant to me.probsbly because I don’t consider myself as a Writer. Is an interesting question, do you blog to write or write to blog? I’m the latter so this session is interesting but not speaking volumes to me.what about you?

The importance of relevance, editing and dealing with trollish behaviour – an extreme makeover technique which I think we ALL will be trying – gives us the chance to love The Bloggess a little more. But, Zoe Williams’ confession of ‘I’ve always had a problem with caution’ is refreshing and strangely comforting. You are not alone.

The concept of balance was very well dissected by La bloggess. You can kick ass at 3 things and suck at others and still be a good mother.

Questions from the floor included the dilemma of your offspring censoring your posts, the importance of respecting privacy of others and being ‘seriously old’. The session warms up with the questions. My favourite bit.that, and The Bloggess.


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