That was the day that was

So, this is meant to be my well thought out analysis of the Mumsnet Blogfest 2012. But then, hey, is that what you expect from me? Or can we cut to the chase and go with my gut reactions instead? More immediate dont you think…so here goes… Getting up at 4.50am kind of makes youContinue reading “That was the day that was”

Change it!

How blogging can change the world…in 30 or so minutes. Sounds too good to be true, right? I am in this session by mistake really. I could be construed a being quite cynical about our ability to chnage the world. cynical but hopeful. So, this might be biased. But I thought it would be interesting….Continue reading “Change it!”

The rise of little voice

So, I’ll do the next slot….Finding Your Own Voice….let’s go! Kate the editor kicks off with some loveliness. This is a surreal experience, sitting in a room, surrounded by screens, hash tags and brain power. You can sign up for 2013 if you’ve missed this year. A lipstick red sofa wraps round the speakers, ZoeContinue reading “The rise of little voice”