Now, where’s my passport?

For surely I am bound zoo Oz with this edible treat…Gourmet Garden part 2 here we come.

I gazed into the unlovely interior of my store cupboard and thought. And thought. And thought a little more. And what did I come up with? Store cupboard sushi stitch stylee…come this way…


Take your sushi rice, rinse and cook in c. 20% more water than the volume of rice used. I use a scoop to get it about right. You boil hard for 5 mins and then tiny simmer for 10 with a lid on throughout.


Mix rice wine vinegar, sugar ad salt together in the ratio 5:5:1 and then fold into your cooked rice. I used brown sugar to add flavour.


While the rice cools raid your fridge, pantry, whatever for scraps. I went for three options:

Puréed frozen peas with basil and ginger – zingy!


Cold roast pork, chopped up and mixed with chilli and coriander – spicy!

Tuna mashed with Thai Spices – zesty!


Then I rolled the sushi nori up using each filling. Instructions can be found here to do this properly. Spot my deliberate mistake…


Anyway, here’s what I ended up with…not for long. They got woofed straight after the picture was taken. Less store cupboard sushi, this is more in my cupboard sushi. Gourmet gunk wins the challenge.


Easy, peesy, herby squeezy. Fab.


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