If I can’t get to the quilts…

…then they will have to come to me.

I was planning to join our local quilt group this year but sensible took over and I’ve postponed until Easter because I have quite a lot going on. As ever.

So, this is my new baby, straight from the US, a 100 year old quilt top, zinging straight out of the page. Do you like? Hmmmmmm…I thought so!

I’m in the midst of LOTS of stuff, most good, and I went to yoga yesterday! Yay! I was absolutely rubbish but hey, you have to start somewhere don’t you. More soon, but right now I have to keep things short. Enjoy the quilt top in the meantime 🙂


One response to “If I can’t get to the quilts…”

  1. Nice quilt.

    I rather enjoyed my yoga classes (they were daytime, so I had to quit when I when I went bak to work). I wasn’t very good at it, either. I hope you enjoy yours.


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