Just what the doctor ordered

So, the ripples of yarnbomb happiness continue to radiate ever outwards. I am now the proud owner of 3 copies of today’s Gloucestershire Echo. Yes, we are the page 3 spread! Look!!!

The flowers and bunting seem to have made everyone smile, which is of course the point. I was particularly proud of my gnome bunting.


And here’s a close up


My fellow crocheteuses incl of course my lovely friend Dilly, yarn commander, were way more prolific than me. Hello to Georgia, em b and Ali.

I was a little more ahem, mixed media.


Gotta love pink paper doilies 🙂

Anyway, the Echo gave us a lovely boost and even mentioned our previous exploits. Definitely to be repeated. Watch this space.


One response to “Just what the doctor ordered”

  1. […] well as crochet flowers, Stitch This decided to mix it up a little bit with Gnome bunting, doily flower bunting and flower pots. Don’t they look […]


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