The sunshine draws us to Brixham. Elder went on his first fishing trip (10 fish!) Leaving me and little one to spend the day together. As you can see, we got our calcium daily quota quite early on. We walked all over town and ended up at the beach having a picnic. Sadly, Not a vintage, floral, polkadot celebration picnic blanket type of affair. More a sandwiches from Co-op, fruit shoot, messy sticky chocolate ice cream all over hands and face event. Little one however, did not mind the style faux pas. And neither did I.

Despite having quite possibly one of the worst cold I’ve ever had, we had a great time. And I managed a couple of hours out with the other half later on with my own version of medicinal liquid.


All is not Perfect however. My two beautiful boys have managed to wake up before sunrise on two mornings in a row. Here’s a snap of the actual sunrise to prove it.


And here’s a picture of the sunset from yesterday. Walking home was lovely. Just need to get rid of this awful cold now.



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