Double trouble


This secret identity stuff can be a pain sometimes you know. For example, inspired by my forays into poetry in NaPoWriMo, I recently entered a poetry competition and came runner up- but in my real name, not Stitch. I’m thrilled, really chuffed, but can’t show you my opus without outing myself…which is a little miff-making. So instead I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote on Wednesday. I am staying with a very good friend in her caravan which inspired the following:

Box of Tricks

A caravan is a box on wheels
A box of tricks and treats
The fun to be gained
Even when it has rained
Is terribly hard to beat

Some people get sniffy and really quite proud
‘Oh it’s hotels and four stars for me’
But when can you soak up a sunset
Or breathe a new day
In a pod
Twenty floors off the ground?

I know some don’t like to be so retro
They prefer their Cosmo, their sushi, they’re Metro
But my childhood is stuffed with clear pictures of haze,
Playing on beaches
And sleeping in bunks
Of brothers in dinghies
Catching smooth fish
That must be worth more than a Michelin dish.

It’s hard not to be sentimental
I know it’s a a biased approach
But Hlidays steeped in sweet flashbacks
Is what I want most for my boys

A box is a simple thing to us
But it can hold more than you know
I’ll leave it to you but
A ‘van with a view
Beats any packed płace I will go.


One response to “Double trouble”

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