Did I mention the car crash?

It’s been three months now since I drove. I haven’t touched a car steering wheel since. Dodgems yes, car no. I said it was a wake up call and it continues to have an impact, not least practical. We’ve moved nursery for Little One, I’m cycling everywhere and I’ve had to reasses my health.

And my transport…so I’m learning to drive a scooter! Yep, quadrophenia has nothing on me. I’m telling you this because today I managed to drive it, feet off the ground, properly without falling off! Yay! Now I get to go shopping for kit…do they do patchwork designed helmets I wonder….



  1. Go, you!

    I always associate scooters with Sindy. My doll (and my sister’s) had a yellow scooter. I reckon you could make a patchwork cover for a helmet like on silks that jockeys wear…

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