I have an itch, I have a scratch I sometimes wonder if I can match My old ways, my triumphs, my career success. Will I ever, like I once did, get power dressed? My glories have gone now I’m off the fast track I’ve stepped down and slowed down I’ll never go back. But IContinue reading “Parked”

Wake up : fall asleep

You guys know I have Parkinson’s, don’t you?! Well, I tend to act as if I don’t have what I believe is considered to be quite a serious condition. I’ve never really allowed myself to be stopped or slowed down too much. In fact I take on lots of projects and ideas just to pushContinue reading “Wake up : fall asleep”

Brass monkey

By God but it’s cold today isn’t it guys?. I’m so lucky, my friends really helped me out today. My little car was going in for an MOT.this obviously left me without wheels. And the weather was appalling., My friends got me through it and I’ve had a lovely day including my new art class,Continue reading “Brass monkey”


It’s amazing the trouble You need to hide muddle, to project an impression of calm. To make everyone fail to pick up on my tale of self pity, dillusion and harm. My jokes now all lack the right bite as I crack lamely on and I slur and repeat. Once you laughed, now I see you hang back, lookContinue reading “Perspective”