Of berries and brothers


Today had the real feeling of the last day of summer. We spent it outside eating a long lazy lunch with lots of children running around screaming being neither Long or lazy.

I baked all morning and made, amongst other things, a pie with homegrown apples and blackberries. I used self raising flour to make shortcrust pastry and it was, despite my misgivings, really nice. Very short. Children were squabbling over the last bit. Always a good sign.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy baking. My grandmother taught me when I was a child. She always used to make coffee cake with camps coffee. And walnuts on top. I never make cake like that but, I do use her recipe book. I blogged about it before. I will put that link up when I find it. It’s made by a company called Be-ro and I think it should be given to everybody in their Christmas stocking when they hit about 15. Its brilliant.

Anyway, after telling the boys off for throwing blackberries at our house ( it was white, now is white with purple spots) I am very tired and relaxing with a nice glass of wine. Perfect. I think I’ll leave the tidying till later…


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