My kitchen is FULL of apples…so far we’ve had them au naturel, I’m drying some sloooooooowly in the oven and I’m boiling some up to make apple syrup. I predict crumble galore too. Any other ideas?

And an update, well, I’m definitely definitely going to try drying apples again. This is what they look like now. They taste delicious. Really intense flavour.

The rest of it? Well, I’ve made the syrup and it’s in the fridge now. I strained it off the stewed apples and added honey to taste. It tasted good! I’m going to try with vodka later. I’m sure will taste better then! And the pulp? I mashed it all up, and whizzed it in the blender to get rid of the large pieces of skin. And then I added double cream, just a little bit. I’m freezing it at the moment to see whether I can make some kind of apple sorbet ice cream.


Apple.yum indeed.


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