Did I Matisse anything?

its been quiet chez Stitch recently – i am aware of that and Im sorry. But, Life has got  in the way, as it has a tendency to do. So, I apologise but it was inevitable. anyway, i wanted to talk about a TV programme i have only just discovered…Sky Arts’ Portrait Painter of the Year – DON’T tell me who won, im halfway thru the penultimate episode and  Im loving it. Elder and I watched it tonight and he got really into it. Lots of Paris, Matisse, Cezanne and’privates’ (aka life drawing) – I’ve been playing with painting recently and this suits my mood down to the ground – pass the turps please!




One response to “Did I Matisse anything?”

  1. A colleague has been telling me about this programme, but we don’t have Sky (nor, it seems, the time or inclination to watch TV at the moment!). I’ve been enjoyng his enthusiastic descriptions, though.


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