Blowing in the wind

…and it is. Blowing. I am sitting outside the boys’ room in Brixham listening to a gale outside and gentle breathing inside. Elder hasn’t slept well and I’m wide awake. So I thought I’d pop in and say hello. Hello. I’ve been doing the customary year end reflections recently. As you do. It’s been a…


. A lovely day chez Stitch. I am so lucky. I’ve been a bit moany recently, lost sight of what I’ve got. But I have got my bearings again. Happy christmas.


Can I explain why, in my opinion, my blogs have gone downhill? I 7sd to be a little intelllcual – USD long w9rds and carried a theme. But that seems to have withered on the proverbial vine. What happened to me?  I was eloquent. I made sense. Spell check wasn’t a base requirement was it…


…or mashed up (Saint) Basil… It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Did I Matisse anything?

its been quiet chez Stitch recently – i am aware of that and Im sorry. But, Life has got  in the way, as it has a tendency to do. So, I apologise but it was inevitable. anyway, i wanted to talk about a TV programme i have only just discovered…Sky Arts’ Portrait Painter of the…


Do you see a glass half full? Or empty? Or the glass? Sometimes life is so full So driven So het up We miss it, The glass, As it sparkles Refracts Holds all in. Just like us.


My first attempt at 3-D needle felting… What do you think?


Is snoring like sleeping The snorp and the bleep. How much does it cost in a good nights sleep? When you walk up the aisle The marrieds all smile At the lamb walking up to the alter. I wouldn’t mind But my mum Could have smiled, spilled the truth out To her baby, her daughter….

Hundreds and thousands. Not.

Do you blog? If so, do you care about your stats? I can’t decide whether I do or not. I mean, I care about those who are kind enough to stop by and share a moment or two. Sometimes even say hello. Hello back, by the way. But I’m not driven to bump up numbers….