14 in 14

I am an infrequent visitor to Mumsnet but I. Stopped by this week and have been seduced by a couple of great ideas. The interesting journal52 project and a challenge to complete 14 projects in 2014. …I am an inveterate starter and a terrible finisher. This is just what I need. Here’s my plans thus far. This is over and above my house sampler btw. Yep, I’m a sucker for punishment, clearly.

1) crochet handwarmers – I’m halfway through these
2) keyrings for my etsy shop – the idea is there, the prototype is setting now
3) journal52 art folder link here
4) upcycling a vintage quilt top I have into a proper, finished quilt
5) upcycling an old chair for my craft room/office
6) do an oil painting I can hang in my house
7) draw/write a comic
8) knit a shrug from a Rowan pattern I have just bought
9) make a gingerbread house
10) learn life drawing
11) Learn how to spin yarn
12) weave my own fabric
13) print my own fabric
14) learn Lino printing



4 responses to “14 in 14”

  1. I’m definitely conquering lino printing this year! It beat me a few years ago, but I’m going to beat it into submission this year!


    1. Post your efforts…they’ll be brilliant I bet


  2. Go, you!
    Life drawing’s no different to any other type of drawing once you get over any embarassment – except for having to work quickly, I suppose.


    1. I need to find a class first!


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