Requiem for a kitchen floor

Now, you guys know that I am not much of a cook. My thing is baking. Show me a cake tin and I’m yours but, a proper savoury dish is another matter entirely. But, recently, I have attempted a couple of dishes. And, in honour of my recently demolished kitchen floor (don’t ask) I wanted to share them with you.

First up is a strange concoction inspired by bread and butter pudding. I told you I like baking. Instead of using sweet things however, I effectively made a pie crust out of French toast and put in roast vegetables leftover from the previous days roast meal. I then cracked an egg into the mix and put some cheese on top. I like cheese.


Next is a veggie take on baked pancakes. Sauce made of tinned lentils and tomatoes, layered with cheese sauce and used to stuff wraps. Cover with rest of sauce and grated cheese and bake. Somehow it works. Honest.


Lastly an apple strudel made with apple purée frozen back in autumn. Revved up with raisins and lebkuchen spices. Yum! I finished it last night. Gulp.


My apron is ready for the wash now. I’m ready for a lie down!


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