ImageI have been looking back on some of my old posts. From September 2013,12 and 11. And what strikes me, is how I have been struggling with time management and the balance between responsibility and recreation for ever so long now. As I sit here in my kitchen table, looking at the bowls of cereal that need to be tidied up, I am faced with a similar but nicer dilemma. Do I do housework first and then draw or the other way round? Can I dare to think that I might have finally made a substantial change here? God I hope so.

A little more on the Opera yesterday… We went to go and see the Magic Flute by the English touring opera and it was fantastic. Seriously guys, if you can get a ticket to see them. An outstanding production, and the costumes were fantastic too.The only problem is I am now sitting at my kitchen table not only looking at the bowls but drinking a large cup of coffee to try and get me started as I feel absolutely shattered. But, I never said I get the balance right straight away did I?


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