I’m a celebrity, waft me out of here!

I always wondered at whether anybody actually ever got up to make breakfast muffins. I mean, let’s face it, 7 AM is not the best time to be playing with live matches, gas or indeed a fan oven. And those dreamy eyed shots of celebrity chefs whipping up something beautiful in the kitchen in a dressing gown is all seem very very unreal to me. And yet. Here I am, sitting at my kitchen table, having just eaten the most delicious breakfast muffins in the universe courtesy of this lovely lady and her blog.

Seriously, apart from the dressing gown, I am wafting with the best of them this morning. So far, I’ve made these babies with cheese and bacon and now just made them with two types of cheese and tomato on top. Here is the photographic evidence.20140528-082122-30082772.jpg



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