I sometimes feel like a sardine. Not peckish,coo I fancy sardines on toast, no, more like I’m packed in on all sides. I’m sure many of us do, I mean, what with children and other halves and siblings and work (of whatever description) and chores and hobbies and life changing emergencies we all face our little Everest every day.

This blog has suffered from my sardine moments I’m afraid. I guess it’s like an old, best, dear friend…they take the hit when all else is going to the dogs. Mainly because you know they’ll forgive you in the end and after some huffy sighs and possibly some grovelling we will all be ok again. Well, I suppose this is my grovel, I love this blog, I’m still in awe that ANYONE bothers to read it and I’m never going to let it drop of the proverbial perch. It may teeter, but never topple.

So I’m sorry if I’ve either been brief, weird or just absent…I’m still on my perch and soon I’ll be blogging with the best of ’em. So long as my perch has wifi. And coffee. Lots of coffee. Xxx


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  1. Thinking of you x


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