So, I’m hopefully joining a haiku poetry group via Facebook…here’s my first draft attempt…be kind I moved here for love Life twists us but I have you So no more I move

63 years, iron filings

Or, On meeting a man in the pub We stood there together in front of the crowd And promised each other our lives and ourselves Your hand on my back Me holding you tight Not daring to look straight To stare at the light That image is burnt now It’s seared on my soul It’s…

Love in a cup

This is what I woke up to this morning…  lovely!

Physics and art: in memorium

The really weird thing is I can never remember The day you left us for good. When mum died the day was stamped in my memory I may as well write it in blood . But you, you with your quietness, you slipping away from your mind Where did you go? Or is the real…


Any really interesting surface Is made of different layers And each layer is a lifetime Then burnt back to the quick. The bumps, the dents, the feelings Ripped open then remade. Run deep, below the topcoat. And that is why I stayed.


My glass is neither half empty or full It’s brimming and right at its limit My challenge each day Despite what you say Is to pack life and love in each minute. How can I rest When my boy’s made the best Lego building the worlds ever seen? When his brother has just jumped in…


I sometimes feel like a sardine. Not peckish,coo I fancy sardines on toast, no, more like I’m packed in on all sides. I’m sure many of us do, I mean, what with children and other halves and siblings and work (of whatever description) and chores and hobbies and life changing emergencies we all face our…

Chain stitch

do you love your life Not in a cliche, tv, sleb, thoughtless way Spouting the words without moving a cell. I mean do you wonder at how it all works How blood rushes round  Turning blue as it flows How the synapses crackle and spark in the gloom And the air moves with purpose And…


Just to report that Bunny liked his cushion. Elder was quite keen too. I’ve been commissioned to do a sausage dog one next and Little One is to have a dinosaur one. What have I started ?!?!

Buttons and bobbins

As Christmas slips away from us, I thought I’d show you my Other Present. This from my sister in law and her vintage-obsessed husband. This is possibly one of the nicest presents I’ve ever received. How lovely.