Fair enough

To the vintage fair… Not as a member of the paying public no, but as a fine upstanding member of the stall holding community. I say upstanding, of course, that’s only my version… I spent most of the day bobbing up and down sitting on my chair because my foot was hurting so badly. However, peeping over the piles of quilts, I managed to meet lots of fellow quilt maniacs. I even managed to sell a couple making it financially worthwhile ( which is always good). however, I think spending seven hours or so standing behind a table, has cured me of my yen to be a market trader. I think it will be etsy from now on for me guys.

I was so tired when I got home that I just lay on the sofa for an hour and didn’t move. I’m sure the boys were thinking about setting up the Lego figurines on me by the end of it. A welcome change from the normal carpet terrain they use. image

Anyway, me and the boys off to deepest darkest wales tomorrow very early in the morning so my posts may be short if non-existent. I don’t believe that they have any form of Wi-Fi where I’m going. That may be a good thing of course…


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