Sticky jam

I made compote this week and so far no one has expired from botulism so I’m planning on making it again soon. If I ever get home that is. I’m writing this blog while crawling up the M5 (I’m not driving, don’t worry) from Brixham.

I spend quite a lot of time in jams these days, real and metaphorical. I’m often in situations where my head and heart are pulling me in opposite directions. Should I stay late at the party? Should I sleep or clean the kitchen? Should I give up or carry on with my various ventures? And real jams where I get hemmed in to small spaces by others eg my lovely boys rushing around me. This increasingly bothers me, I’m erring towards the ‘slow and steady’ school of movement which I find thoroughly depressing.

So, I’m mixing up my jams. It’s the new school term this week. little One starts this year (pinch me I’m dreaming) so soon I’ll have time and oodles of it. I will not squander it.

I will divide it between my five priorities : heart, hearth, health, hope and help. . I haven’t forgotten these goals – update to be posted soon.

My challenge is to STICK WITH IT. Perhaps I should rename this blog ‘stick to this’ … What do you think?!IMG_2405-0.JPG


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