Richter scales

I feel like a property developer, I have so may blogs. So many houses within which to live and write and paint. And I like it that way, I need space, I know that now. So, I’m keeping this blog – I reread this post tonight and it has reminded me why I started all this, way back.

A very good friend is ill tonight. I wrote this while visiting her. While we all need a wake up call every now and then, the bell doesn’t have to jar the nerves quite so much.


Architecture draws a line
And gives ideas a form
Turns concept into reality
Gives shelter from the storm.

It gives us strength, longevity
And lets us make our mark.
As buildings rise against the odds
And stand life’s crises stark.

A metaphor perhaps for us
Good friends for years and years.
not brick but loving flesh and bone
You’re strong and straight and tall.

And yet an earthquake shakes us all
Foundations may fall weak
That monument I know so well
Is not so tough I see.

You are a lintel in my life
You help to hold me up
And so I hope this tremor stops
And serves to wake us up.

I think of coffees, wine and fags
And falling over drunk
I think of sunrises and chat
And seasides, surf and kids.

Our friendship stands against this test
Our architecture’s fine
And I will always be so proud
To say that friend is mine.


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