today is the last day of national poetry writing month. So I thought I would think about my blog – poetry has become part of my blog and hopefully, it will continue. Just don’t boo me off the stage quite yet! And no, I’m not being paid, this is purely my opinions. 

Stats are numbers that dare not speak their name
They’re hidden by most bloggers, 
perhaps they’re ashamed?
Perhaps they don’t want to show how many likes
They received last week
(unless there’s a spike)
Then it’s megaphones out, and taking a bow,
Show off your huge following :
Monetise now! 
Well here are my stats, 
You can see I have peaked
Want to peek, have a look, wonder why my clicks dropped?
I can tell you exactly why views all but stopped:
I stopped using mumsnet,
 i never went back When they were invaded and security cracked.
But mumsnet is friendly, a source of succour
I can’t write it off, can’t show it the door. 
So this is an ode, a tribute, a plea
I may be erratic but say honestly
If you want the numbers, ascending on up
You’ll be well advised to login to the club.


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