Baby steps

so, this has been a bit of a miserable blog recently, because let’s face it life can be like that. However, we can also have some frivolous fun. So today is a list of things that have been going on around here for the last few days:

  • Fitbit flex : Now, I am not known for my physical prowess but, I have succumbed and have a fit bit flex. And do you know what? I love it. I’m actually walking and playing my music in my ears as I do it and it’s helping my gait enormously. Great! My gait! And I’m measuring my sleep, which is NOT as boring as it sounds. Honest.
  • Fitbit jewellery : loving the bracelets that Fitbit have launched but not the price tag…£165????? So here’s my alternative…Bezels and Bytes are a start up who seem to be doing well and are offering a stylish, affordable alternative to the fit bit official merchandise. I’ve just ordered my silver basket weave bracelet and will report back…
  • Lip synch battle : I’m planning a LSB party already. Watch this NOW! It’s just genius. If you can get the Anne Hathaway clip you’ll agree 😉
  • Coffee pots : I keep on painting pictures of the one I bought in the thrift store last week. Do you like?
  • Felt and tapestry : this is a work in progress but will I promise be brilliant (I hope) – I will show you when finished but suffice to say I am combining media big time.
  • Up cycling : i’ve been buying furniture again. This time, a beautiful 1950s chest of drawers with a waterfall front. Bargain. Where to put it though.
  • Hair today : i’m dying to show you this but it will take until next week… The Mallen streak  is coming back with a vengeance.

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