Dear teacher

So, I’m wondering what to give my sons’ teachers this year… There’s the normal, incredibly helpful, group organised team present but I want to give them something from my boys…here’s where I’ve got to so far…

An ABC necklace made from Shrinkles…one of the teachers has ABC earrings, a pair for each letter. I wanted to accessorise!! I’ve made the first ten or so letters…photos so.

A vintage book for Little One’s main teacher, a 1901 instruction manual on handling a classroom…definite tongue in cheek present

And the last one…I’m stuck, a football loving, choir member, chocolate biscuit eating young teacher who Elder worships. Ideas?!?!


4 responses to “Dear teacher”

  1. how about something edible but home made. e.g. cookies or a cake (I’m trying to think of something that can make use of honey for when she has a sore throat, for her singing); lemon, garlic or chilli infused olive oil; vanilla sugar (get some sugar, put one or two fresh vanilla pods in, wrap up nicely)……


    1. Might be a good idea thank you. The teacher is a male but he does like cookies!


      1. hope this has at least given you something to consider. Doesnt have to take a lot of time to be thoughtful!


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