You know that flow is my thing, my focus. I’m doing my MA on it, I’m fascinated by what kicks off the  creative process and sustains them : flow. Well here I am sitting God knows how many thousands of metres above the green earth and I come across one of the best TV programmes I have ever seen…Dior and I…a documentary film about the takeover from I suppose galliano at Dior by Raf Simon’s ex Jil Sander, Belgian from Antwerp (I. Must. Go. There)

Atmospheric, understated, grainy, honest, fragmented but coherent it is a masterpiece. A window into a hidden world of attic ateliers, evening ghosts,  extreme creative vision translating into exquisite constructions. I had a feeble attempt at distilling the feeing, atmosphere, context by taking some screen shots and giving them my own couture treatment…I’m thinking this might be a good place to start with a new digital fabric. Although if I worked at Dior, I’d get the THREAD dyed so I could weave the image. Really. Decadent creative lunacy and I love it.



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