It’s world Parkinson’s day…welcome to my world…. There is an inevitable dichotomy between telling the truth and avoiding sympathy If I explain just how I spent My day… Just where the hours went You’d see, perhaps, the toll now taken By Parkinson’s But you’d be mistaken If you thought I had a choice. An alternative,…


I already mentioned my flirtation with mosaic…here’s a little project I used to get myself accustomed to the technique. I used a cheap blank birdhouse from The Works, cost 99p.          Take birdhouse, apply mosaic glue. Stick fine array of buttons where you wish. Leave to dry, overnight if you can bear it.  Mix…


oh go on, here are the sunset pictures         


You know that flow is my thing, my focus. I’m doing my MA on it, I’m fascinated by what kicks off the  creative process and sustains them : flow. Well here I am sitting God knows how many thousands of metres above the green earth and I come across one of the best TV programmes I have ever…


Half way thru 2014 and life has more colour than ever…


You know I like change. Well, I’ve got quite a lot to share…change is somewhat of an understatement for what’s been going on chez Stitch. Ready? Well, I’ve this far done my creative work as a hobby really, taking second place to everything else. I had a pressured job in a technical financial area and…

Big blue

A day at the aquarium… I’ve been quiet recently. Lots going on. I hope these pictures are a nice way to say hello again.


…or mashed up (Saint) Basil… It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Take my breath away

I know that I am slightly weird about quilts. I feel so attached to them when they come to my door. However, this recent shipment has quite literally taken my breath away. Here are a a few initial pictures. I really don’t think I can sell the Schoolhouse one, it is absolutely gorgeous.