Sometimes I feel like I have lots of different sides, a human dodecahedron if you will. There is my old professional life when I used to advise multinationals and get involved in megadeals. There is my life as a wife and mother,  even though I shudder at the term. Domesticity is not a bad thing but I find it hard as a job  description still.  There is my role as Parkinson’s person. I will not say victim.  There is my new venture of master student in fine art. I think I’ve mentioned it couple times already.

Then, there is the future, what’s that going to be then? Do I retire gracefully ignoring  Dylan Thomas’s entreaties? Or do I use what I’ve learnt so far, go with what I need to do now creativity wise and mix the 2 to see what happens?

Okay, those of you who know me from my  jottings here, will know what the answer will be. I’m not ready to put on slippers yet.

Unless they’re ruby of course.


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