yes, I am a geek, I cannot deny it. A physics degree should be enough to prove it but I also just want to share my extreme excitement around the wonderful Paper 53 finally finally coming to iPhone!!! I just got an email telling me (yes, reader I signed up ) that the app is ready and waiting. I’m downloading it now onto my phone as I type this post. Truth be told, I’m writing this post BECAUSE I’m downloading it…I’m so excited I cant wait so I am doing something else instead. Told you I was a geek. I’ll be back later tonight with my report…sometimes it rocks being an early adopter. 

UPDATE: well, I’ve had a quick go and can report its brilliant thus far. You can import photographs now which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages and then annotate them. Nifty is the word I’m thinking of. 

I’m going to have a play properly now and see what I can do with it. All I can say is bravo to paper 53. 

It appears to have dropped the 53 from its name though, which I don’t really object to but wonder why. 


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