Notes from inside

Well, if I can stop my hands from shaking (it’s been a long day thus far)  I will give you an update from deep within the world of contemporary art…guys, Stitch goes to Frieze 2015…and, sort of, survives. I’m in one of the watering holes drinking a very abstemious fizzy water and attempting to sneak eat haribo strawberries. Sadly, they are not artisan enough to qualify as art food, I fear. I should stop being so sarky, I’m loving it here really. 

Want to see some pictures of pictures? 

This one is done from receipts, burned and blackened. And from quite crappy shops in Berlin. I enjoyed reading the artist’s (Ariel Schlesinger) grocery meandering so thru the city. 


This one was just wonderful to look at…by Shaoji Liang

This machine by Mounir Fatmi stopped me in my tracks, so graphic and solid but the lines so delicate and evocative. If I had a pot of gold I would transform it in to this, minus commission for the gallery, natch. 

Couldn’t go without an example from my latest pash, the indomitable Ms Emin. I love this woman. Is that wrong? 

And finally, it was the technical ability I loved on this one by Jenny Holzer. It’s an oil on canvas but is so detailed up close. Beautiful. Strangely. 
I have jotted down some impressions, some thoughts. Basically, here’s my list of what I’ve learned thus far…

  • I’m glad I wore black
  • My MoMA bag is vvvvv cool and appears to be an abject of desire in the art world based on the number of envious looks it has received 
  • I’m glad I brought my tech toys, so much to record and document!
  • There is a lot of money here, overt and covert
  • There’s also a lot of beautifully ironed, exquisitely finished garments 
  • Half of Berlin, Munich and Vienna have decamped to Regent’s Park
  • It takes a lot of hard work to look effortlessly cool
  • Black and white is de rigeur whether in typeface, fashion or the art itself
  • I’m beginning to be able to spot an artist by their style rather than having to look at the labels (yay)….I got this one right….

 There’s a lot more but I will give you a break now…my fizzy wate is almost done. One more tip, if you are coming make sure you get an elderflower, lime and mint juice from the Petersham Nurseries bar…awesome. Well, I could have given you an artistic comment but you know me…


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