<edited to remove the rubbish that dictating results in…stoopid iPhone>

It’s a funny thing, when you have an illness like Parkinson’s, you forget that other things can happen to you too. You think u r  armoured against other illnesses and injuries. Sadly, you are wrong.  The irony is, until a couple of days ago, I was actually getting to the point where I had forgotten, okay almost forgotten, but I actually had Parkinsons.

This was a development. A good one.

And  now? Well I feel like I’m back at the beginning of the board. I have slid down the snake. Why? Well I have an old injury to my neck and it has decided to kick in and make itself known. The result? I have been hobbling around the house for three days now  like a very bored and grumpy old lady. I am now getting to the feeling sorry for myself stage. I do not like this stage it is the worst one. I got some serious painkillers yesterday from the doctor and they work! Unfortunately, they also make you feel like a zombie.  Appropriate given the day I grant you but still not what I’m after.  The sun is shining outside and the leaves on the trees are the most beautiful colours.  I think I will leave this screen and go outside and make them rustle  with my feet.  Much more fun.

I have never seen a zombie doing that !


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