If. Or, Pollie writes a poem

A blank page is an opportunity.

It beckons

But I stall.

I’m shy, uncertain,

What if this is all?

All I can produce.

All I can get down.

Small and stuttered,

Slurred and slowed,

I’m starting to slow down.

What if I never find my voice

What if it’s gone from me?

Stealing into the shadows…

It’s a possibility.

We all have a blade,

A certain end ahead,

And Kipling got it right :

I just can’t lose my head.

I’ll keep on being stubborn

I’ll keep on saying ‘no,

it’s ok I’ll be fine’

Because I will be 

in my own time

I love my friends, my family

I know they want to help

But independence truly rocks

So help me help myself.


2 responses to “If. Or, Pollie writes a poem”

  1. Very wloquent and very moving. I’m impressed…


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