So, I’m off to Japan in just over a week. It’s unreal to think that I’m going to be fulfilling what is a lifetime ambition. It feels like eons ago when I first started researching the possibilities, and at the time it felt so impossible, so unreal that it was just a pipe dream. And yet, here I am, looking at price comparison sites for FX rates, planningmy packing and worrying about childcare. 

I booked the trip after I had a bout of excruciating toothache, real skin crawling pain. I told myself that I’d grab the moment, that there was nothing stopping me anymore. I’m so glad I had that toothache. Don’t get me wrong, next time I plan a trip I’m happy to do it without medieval torture but it had its place at the time.

Whatever happens we always can choose can’t we? We can seek to see all sides, the different perspectives, views and opinions – by understanding others’ motivations we can get better at negotiation, conciliation and consensus. Or we can choose to be single minded in our approach, take no prisoners, charge on regardless. Ignore the alternatives and go with the obvious, immediate, knee jerk reaction.

The former is harder because it requires us to put the brakes on emotional and instinctive responses. But it can be the most effective, most positive, most constructive path. 

Why say all this? On the face of it, im ruminating on personal issues, my forthcoming trip, reaction to illness,relationships etc. But on a wider scale I think that Trump making the biggest property deal in his life and moving into Pennsylvania Avenue is a catalyst for thinking in this wider way. He’s there, the US voted him in. Thinking caps are needed big time so we may as well be as lateral as we can be. And hope. Really hope. 


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