So, I am now seven weeks post op and the cast is finally off…it came off just over a week ago and it has been a mixed blessing really. It is way more comfortable to sleep at night now…I just lose my eyes and off I drift. This is luxury in the extreme and IContinue reading “Steps”


  Clarity is rare. Most of the time we are distracted by day to day responsibilities, the school run, the commute, the tube strike, the grocery bill…and then every now and then you get a chink of time, a window, that lets you see with precision, see everything. I was lucky this weekend, I got a chink.Continue reading “Clarity”

Give it away…

Well, I promised to say a textile style thank you for getting me to 100 followers and now (omg) 10,000 hits…here it is. There’s some  Rowan fabric (about a metre), a FQ of some quirky japanese black cat fabric, about 2 metres of pompom trim, ricrac (of course), velvet ribbons and some coordinating thread andContinue reading “Give it away…”

Work work busy busy rush rush bang bang

Well here’s my Make list – it’s a work in progress as are many of these projects. I’ll add links etc as and when. Knitted gold bag – an experiment in mixing yarns together. Socks – any kind. Desk skirt – assuming I don’t get a retro larder. Lacey scarf crochet – coming along. JapaneseContinue reading “Work work busy busy rush rush bang bang”