Now guys I am not about to teach you to suck eggs by which I mean I am not going to give you the definition of a haiku. By now you know that when I use the title for a post it’s always an oblique reference at best. No, today’s little missive is a sort of meditation on what haiku means. 

It is essentially a distillation isn’t it. A beautiful little gem of a poem crafted from limited means. And that really is all life is isn’t it? Something we have to craft from what we have been given and what we can purloin along the way. Before you think I’m going to get all sad and depressed here in fact I’ve been thinking about what we can make from what we have and how lucky the majority of us are even though sometimes we don’t see it. 

I am writing this post in a hotel room in Tokyo. It is 2 AM in the morning and I am not sleeping. Blame it on jetlag and a broken air-conditioner. Actually just blame it on the air-conditioner. I got in 2 days ago and the jetlag should’ve gone by now shouldn’t it?.
Anyway, this trip is a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list thing not least because I’m here on my own without my members of family small. I have been given a pass for the next 10 days and so I need to crystallise what I can until it is something I will treasure. Am I getting wrapped up in my metaphor? Quite possibly. But then, I am shameless.
I will when I get a moment post the photographs of the key points on this trip but at the moment I’m so busy just keeping up and not collapsing with fatigue (Damn that Parkinson’s) that writing is not on my list of priorities right now. I hope you understand. And as ever, the vast majority of the content of this blog is what goes on inside my head rather than looking at what I am doing in real world. I promise this will be where I will post conclusions and ideas. It always is.

To those of you reading this in the middle of the night, Just like me writing it, switch off the screen, and try try try to get some sleep. Good luck.


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