on being counted

ok, how are we all today? the last day of 2016, a strange and momentous year in so many ways. I am mulling over the implications of the macro political and economic shifts, really I am, but lets face it, that’s a bit too high brow for my normal posts isn’t it? But I have to admit to a new mood of, if not sombreness, then definitely responsibility.

In other social fora I have been learning a lot from fellow PD people about tolerance, forgiveness and the importance of honesty when discussing the effects of PD on life, family and loved ones. I have also been learning about my responsibility to myself to be clear about what I need to do and have in order to manage this disease the best way I can. Sometimes the choices involved are hard but necessary. I have a long way to go on this but I have started on that path. Consequently expect to find some posts on PD in 2017, I am dropping the shield a little to show you what its really like in the tue hope that it may improve understanding a little.

I think this little blog has a place in the world of Parkinson’s advocacy. I just looked thru my stats and so far this, PollieMath and my artist site have attracted almost 10,000 visitors and 50,000 views. I have written over 1,000 posts (Phew!) and, when I tend the sites properly, I get decent enough traction. I will never be a tub thumper but I CAN write so that is how I will help.

I don’t want to dwell on the past. I never have. 2016 has been on the whole a wonderful year enriched with lovely friends and family, my massive Japanese adventure, increased presence as an artist and poetry published commercially too. Next year will rock too. Just you wait and see.


One response to “on being counted”

  1. Sophie, we can all play our part in raising awareness of living with PD and getting rid of the stereotypical image of it being an old people’s condition…… that’s so far from the truth, it’s shocking!

    I enjoyed your blog which is written with honesty, your enthusiasm for life shines out!


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