A lot can happen in three years… A life can change. Today I am in a new house, with a new domestic arrangement and new thoughts filling my head. Three years ago it was very very different… Much darker and harder.

I could dwell on the trials and tribulations of the intervening period if I wanted to but one thing I have learnt is that one can only move forward in this life. I do not think you forget what has happened before but I think you can be grateful for the good and learn from the less good and put that into use as you look to your future and those around you who you love.

Personally health issues, financial management and emotional damage have made the last three years such fun I can hardly believe it but I have learnt a lot and I have become a lot stronger as a person and for that I am grateful. This chance I have been given unbelievably for happiness again is not to be wasted or underestimated.I

woke up this morning having had bad dreams about my previous life and its pressure on me. The dreams were not good but what was fantastic was waking up and realising that’s all they were – they not real anymore

I don’t have to live like that anymore. I’ve chosen not to. Life is not going to be easy going forward certainly not in the short term but it’s worth it because my new life is so much more just and equal.

I can hardly believe it’s three years ago.So, this one is for everybody who is facing a brick wall of denial of the situation, those of you who feel they will never get out of bad situations and those of you contemplating life change.

It is possible to change your life and it is possible to get out of bad situations. You can and will do it.


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