Berlin face off 

I was standing on the pavement My fingers cold and stiff  The phone loose in my hand  It’s job done Directions good. I saw my goal Iconic and cool Lines clean against the cobalt rise And then a blue Familiar friend Caught my eye and As I bent Towards its light  I saw my lifeContinue reading “Berlin face off “

Clocking on

I while ago I talked about having a portfolio career. This was something that started quite a few people talking. Well, here’s my update. The Parkinson’s has been a little worse recently. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been quiet. Basically, I have come to the realisation (amazingly, everyone else has done already!) ThatContinue reading “Clocking on”

The magic of cheese

Did I mention I love cheese? Obviously, the size of my behind gives that away but the real reason I love cheese is because it is in fact a magic Ingredient. It’s amazing, rather like a dusting of fresh snow, a sprinkle of grated cheese makes even the most ridiculously rubbish meal look fantastic. Well,Continue reading “The magic of cheese”

Want to blogalong?

It’s been a period of change here at Stitch Towers. I’m still finalising my plans but I think my future is going to encompass a variety of different styles of working. An economic sampler of sorts. How very modern of me! Actually, it’s quite exciting and daunting at the same time but I’m aiming forContinue reading “Want to blogalong?”

Baggage – the obligatory back to school post

Oh, you know it’s an inevitability like death and taxes – the back to school post. So, let’s talk bags. Yep, bags. They are, I feel, a bit of a metaphor – I’ve got a range on bags in my life and in my cupboards, apart from the ubiquitous Yorkshire Tea (Aside: this was recommendedContinue reading “Baggage – the obligatory back to school post”

More tea vicar?

Back from our works party. Very civilised tea party at Bea’s of Bloomsbury in St Paul’s. Cakes good. Tea excellent. Speed of serving (very ordinary) fizz absolutely rubbish. But they had teapot lamps so I can forgive quite a lot. Did I ever talk about how Parkinson’s affects your facial muscles? Some lucky folk experienceContinue reading “More tea vicar?”