Clocking on

I while ago I talked about having a portfolio career. This was something that started quite a few people talking. Well, here’s my update.

The Parkinson’s has been a little worse recently. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been quiet. Basically, I have come to the realisation (amazingly, everyone else has done already!) That perhaps, I am a little bit too much. So, I decided to go self-employed and freelance my day job. I have also been looking at doing other types of much more flexible work and finally have some time to myself to do the things I enjoy (hello blog!) So, this week is my last week as a wage slave. It’s scary but exciting too. I am also entering the wonderful world of benefits as I try to apply for personal Independence payment. So far, it has been a salutary experience. I will post some more on all this change but right now I’ve got two coughing boys to tend to. Sigh.


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