The magic of cheese


Did I mention I love cheese? Obviously, the size of my behind gives that away but the real reason I love cheese is because it is in fact a magic Ingredient. It’s amazing, rather like a dusting of fresh snow, a sprinkle of grated cheese makes even the most ridiculously rubbish meal look fantastic. Well, if not fantastic at least edible. Which, quite frankly, is good enough for me.

The above concoction is a case in point. It looks quite professional I think. In fact, it’s a can of tomatoes, some vegetarian sausages and a bit of pasta. All mixed up with the magic cheese! Yes I love it.

I remain in awe of those who can do proper cooking at the drop of a hat when they get in from work. To me, this is the zenith of my capabilities. And it’s all down to cheese. No wonder we smile when we Say it!

UPDATE: Elder had three helpings having hitherto always declaring how much he hated veggie sausages. Yessss!


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