A bag for life

I have a long commute. I mean long. Some days I like it – uninterrupted coffee, magazines, time to work, guilt-free knitting and sewing time. Some days I hate it – ungodly start time, not seeing my boys, delays, the tube, the price (just increased, owch). Today I’m ambivalent. So I thought I’d show youContinue reading “A bag for life”

It’s arrived!!!

My Christmas present has finally arrived! Early 20th century DMC couture thread drawers – gorgeous! I’ve polished them up (one of the few times I’ll do cleaning willingly) and started filling them. I’m in love.    Expect an angst written post re my sewing corner soon , however. The Walls are closing in on me….

A new start

so, I’ve been singularly rubbish at maintaining this blog but I am going to try to be a little better this year. Little One is 9 months now so real life is returning so I should have a little time. I still have my to do list which I will build on properly bit IContinue reading “A new start”

To knit or not to sew

I am on the horns of a dilemma – I just finished a sewing swap on mysewingcircle.com (pictures to follow) and now don’t know whether to launch into Little’s blue quilt (sewing) or his jacket (knitting)…I enjoyed stitching again but hanker after the knitting – so little time!

Getting started

Well I’ve been meaning to do this for ages… This blog is my way of organising my projects – there arer so many. Serial starter and cereal eater, that’s me. Let’s hope it works.