24 hours


In action
what a great 24hrs…Ian McCullough at Gloucester Guildhall…we were in the front row. Stripped down Bunnymen greats, covers and solo lovelies. It was amazing….until he just got up and left! Rubbish ending, sadly. Yesterday was a year since my father died and McCullough played songs that were so relevant eg Rust that I was crying (in a good way). I’ll remember that rather than his swift exit.


Little School House
Love this quilt!

Up early to get my hair done, bliss.

Red log cabin
My favourite

 Lovely lunch with my boys in the sunshine and then a trip to Shipton Quilters Exhibition where Little One tried to crawl to the end of the world, or the gardens at least. 


Now there’s a juxtaposition of events you dont normally get in a 24 hour period, I’ll bet.


3 responses to “24 hours”

  1. Thanks for your comment on Shipton Quilters. Glad your son enjoyed the Owl Hunt.


    1. You’re v welcome! We had a great time. I hope you get lots more visitors tomorrow.


  2. […] a bit of an indie chick. One day I will list my loves properly but I’ve already written about Echo and the Bunnymen. I went to a new kind of gig (for me) a couple of days ago. Other Half got tickets to see one of […]


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