Denial? Me? No way!

Did I mention I have Early Onset Parkinsons? There, I said it. I don’t often. I was diagnosed in January 2008 and have been trying to forget it ever since. But you can’t. Shame.

Recently juggling all my commitments has been tricky. I’ve shed a few but have still a way to go. I resent having to do it I must admit. I try to be positive but some days it’s tough. As part of me trying to lighten the load I want to stop denying that this thing affects how I live. That’s why I mention it here, it’s part of me now. We just have to make friends. That could take a while.

Here’s a preview of my Easter garland to cheer us all up. Loving felt flowers btw. Fun to make.




3 responses to “Denial? Me? No way!”

  1. Errrrrm, no I don’t think you did mention that. Well done for saying it, I find the first step to accepting something is to state it as fact. You have taken that step.

    And yes, in that acceptance you will find the ways to adjust and cope, no need to it to define you or to rule your life, but in your own words, it is part of you now. So the sooner you get to grips with that the better.

    Really well done on stating your diagnosis on here, and thank you so much for your kind words on my own blog.
    Shame we all go through rough times but how wonderful that we can support people we have never met in this way.

    Much love.


    1. I sometimes wonder how humans cope and carry on but we do. My problems aren’t anything compared to others’. How are you and your friends?


  2. It is unwise to go down the road of comparing one’s own problems with those of others.
    The challenges you face and the feelings you feel are just as real as the next person, perspective is good and useful, but try not to belittle your own experiences through comparisons.

    My friends are bearing up enormously well, though we have the burial this week and a celebration service at the weekend so perhaps, after this, things may get tougher?

    Thanks for thinking of us all.


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