Playing shop

Shop! As part of my massive clear out I’m getting ready for a bit of a yard sale next week – my knitting group have been invited along, I’m sorting buttons into colours, winding ribbons, plucking yarn and fabric from my stash…25% to charidee (Cancer Research and Parkinsons UK, natch) and the rest to fundContinue reading “Playing shop”


I am sitting crocheting in the field waiting to pick up Elder from school. I’m ill with a chest infection which is making the shakes worse too. Although I feel dreadful I feel silence too. Just what the doctor ordered.


Is it wrong to crave order? I want to be organised and be in control (just a little) of my life but my brain just doesn’t work like that anymore. I don’t know whether it’s the parkinsons or small child derived exhaustion or just good old fashioned stress. Most probably a dash of each withContinue reading “Order”

Denial? Me? No way!

Did I mention I have Early Onset Parkinsons? There, I said it. I don’t often. I was diagnosed in January 2008 and have been trying to forget it ever since. But you can’t. Shame. Recently juggling all my commitments has been tricky. I’ve shed a few but have still a way to go. I resentContinue reading “Denial? Me? No way!”