You know I try not to focus on about the challenges of having Parkinson’s but this week I had a session with the physio to assess how I’m getting on or going down depending on your frame of mind. Well, after a few comedy scenes involving exercise balls, wobble boards and me it got down to the fact that I’m supposed to be making more ‘me’ time so I can (a) exercise and (b) chill out.

Undoubtably when I am relaxed (when?) I feel less shaky but can I work out where this time is going to come from? No. I’ve got a physics degree but the laws of domestic relativity utterly beat me. Today I’ve got a full days work, two boys to get to summer activities, Mount Laundry, house cleaning and umpteen errands to complete. Normal working mother stuff. Except I take things slloooooow these days which is fine but it eats into me time quite dramatically. Other Half is very involved already, he does enough.

So what gives? Not stitching. Not that. Not this blog, oh no. So what? It’s going to have to be a sacrifice of America’s Next Top Model isn’t it? Parkinson’s is a bitch sometimes.


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