I already mentioned my flirtation with mosaic…here’s a little project I used to get myself accustomed to the technique. I used a cheap blank birdhouse from The Works, cost 99p. 

Take birdhouse, apply mosaic glue. Stick fine array of buttons where you wish. Leave to dry, overnight if you can bear it.  Mix grout, make it a bit more runny than the instructions, apply with fingers around the buttons. Then use fingers, paper and damp sponge to wipe away unwanted grout and reveal the buttons in their full glory. Leave to dry overnight. Yes, leave it, don’t fiddle. Then polish off to make the buttons gleam. I have yet to do the final step. What can I say, I’m impatient.

I used emulsion in a tasteful taupe to paint any surface I didn’t grout. I also put a bit of grout onto the plain surfaces first to creat a texture to compliment the buttoned sides. 

I love my little birdhouse and its sitting in my living room on a rare clear surface. Easy to do and fun. All mosaic supplies came from Hobby Island. I like them a lot. 


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