I wonder if we would have got on if we had met before before I became this before I lost that before I understood what time ticking means before the hand sweeping round to me, Past you. I think we would have chimed. Perhaps a different tune. But in time. In time.

Night post

I look through my emails. They scatter through space, Breadcrumbs. The twisting route to show the way i have been, The tributaries that twine together and ply their way Through needles and rocks and over flat plains of solitude, Lapping me now. Not waiting for permission as they crackle in the dark. Night mode notContinue reading “Night post”

Sounding off

I wrote this a while ago but i think it ahem, resonates now. Sound travels faster in the night Pushing its waves through black Pleating as it goes Folding the stillness Audio origami Ridges to bridges Short cut into chords Held tight inside bars Still dark a straight channel Slicing time spent All actions haveContinue reading “Sounding off”


A very busy day today but all behind the windows of my house. Here’s a haiku to document it. cool light passing throughsand melted under pressureheat sealing the risk


So, April is upon us. I almost forgot it is NaPoWriMo. 30 poems in 30 days. I love love love this event. I don’t always fulfill the brief but I always have a go. So, today, i will start off as follows… Iteration Here we are again. We find ourselves. Repeat. Revolving doors have noContinue reading “Iteration”