April again

It’s that time of year again folks… And yet again I’m a day late… Always start of late but always really glad I take part in this wonderful initiative… Here is today’s efforts… I will catch up today or tomorrow


To call a meal out a treat is misnomer In these days of Covid Just ordering is trauma And trips that are meant to relax and de stress Result in group panic and emotional mess. The app doesn’t download The logon is wrong The discount that tempted Has gone for a song The children areContinue reading “Order”


A poem about life’s pathways How do I fill my story. How do I know which is the right one. Which trail is the one I was meant to take. Which face do I end up with? My mouth My head My jelly like brain With those spots white ( so important, the white )Continue reading “Node”


It’s almost 3 weeks,since lockdown…I had good intentions of doing lots of new things….some I have done, others have dropped off my radar. Today’s poem is a haiku about this….


Occasionally it strikes me that this is all realit’s not a film that I would avoidI can’t shut the book in disbelief and rail against the trite and lazy drawing of characters in this play.A farce without exit doors but lots of slamming –no green man running.Instead we think of our grandparents and how theirContinue reading “History”